• Utilising Excess Renewables

    Storing Renewable Energy when the Grid is Full

  • Distributed Power

    Low-Cost Reliable Energy Storage for Off-Grid Applications

  • Solid-State Hydrogen Storage


    High Density


Welcome to H2GO Power

H2GO Power is an award winning spin-out company from the University of Cambridge developing safe and low-cost hydrogen production and storage technologies. Our mission is to bring affordable reliable energy to millions across the globe in a green way for large social and environmental impact



MIT Technology Review visionary of the year award

MIT Technology Review visionary of the year award

September 2017

H2GO Power scoops yet another recognition, our CEO have been awarded the Visionary of the Year award by MIT Tech Review at the Innovators Under 35 Europe Summit.

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Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Award

WIRED Energy 2017: The leading thinkers paving the way

August 2017

Glad to announce H2GO Power will be sharing its vision for a zero-emission energy transformation at WIRED Energy 2017.

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Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Award

Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Award

January 2017

The Royal Academy of Engineering is now supporting growing H2GO Power through the Enterprise Fellowship to our CEO.

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Utilising Excess Renewables

Growth of the renewable sector is leading to grid imbalances causing green energy to be wasted. H2GO's solution allows for 100% renewables utilisation all year round making renewables more economically viable and supporting their growth and deployment.

Distributed Power

Access to reliable electricity is often not possible, either grid extensions are too expensive or diesel is too costly to use and transport. H2GO offers a production and storage system allowing access to green reliable power at significant cost reductions.

Solid-State Hydrogen Storage

Instead of a high-pressure cylinder, Hydrogen is stored as a solid-state carbon-free fuel with the release of hydrogen on-demand through our patent protected catalyst. Energy distribution by solid-state fuel is an alternative to electrical and gas grid networks.


Utilities are one of the last remaining industries that have not foregone the disruption driven by the Internet business models. Through smart metering and payment, both cost and performance efficiencies are improved, removing deployment barriers.

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