hydrogen sponge

The Hydrogen Sponge

H2GO Power's patent pending technology involved a highly porous nano-particle based smart material that combines production, storage and controlled release of hydrogen. This three feature approach allows for enhanced safety and complete fuel utilisation.

The catalytic properties of the material allow for hydrogen production through the hydrolysis of metal and chemical hydrides at ambient temperature.

The produced hydrogen is then trapped within the polymer framework, which acts as a storage medium.

The stored hydrogen is released through the application of heat, with hydrogen release occurring at a specific tuneable temperature allowing for on-off control.

Containerised Energy Unit

We offer a complete solution, a plug-and-play energy unit the size of a standard shipping container. These units can be transported worldwide and can be used in permanent and temporary cases. The input to the unit is your renewable energy source and the output is your energy demand (grid or off-grid).

We use a water electrolyser to split water and produce hydrogen. This hydrogen is then stored within our solid-state hydrogen storage system until needed. During periods of unmet demand, the storage units release hydrogen to the fuel cell with it’s output being electricity and water as the only by-product. The entire system is controlled with various algorithms to ensure maximum efficiency on both a device and system scale.

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hydrogen unit