Using Excess Renewable Energy

By 2030 growth in the renewables sector is projected to far outweigh that of oil & gas with 279 GW added yearly capacity compared to 64 GW. The challenge in meeting these targets is the unreliability of supply and demand: over production of renewable energy, which can’t be stored and under production (blackouts). The supply-demand gap for energy generated from renewables can only be overcome via a reliable storage mechanism. H2GO Power proposes to store renewables in the form of solid-state hydrogen. This efficient storage system allows us to store excess energy produced by renewables and to bridge the supply-demand gap in order to reduce our dependency on environmentally harmful hydrocarbons.

What big players are doing in the space:

  • Apple filed to sell excess energy from the solar panels on its rooftops in their Cupertino, California Headquarters. read more
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