consumer electronics

Alternative method
of transporting energy

The production of our solid-state carbon-free synthetic fuel produced from our units in distributed power and renewable applications allows for another opportunity from time-shifted electricity. Due to it's safe non-gaseous nature, any excess fuel can be easily relocated to areas that have an energy deficit and are not accessable by an electrical grid. This means that any nation with an excess of renewables can become an energy/fuel exporter.

In addition, excess fuel can be sold to hydrogen vendors such as the hydrogen electric vehicle market. Other emerging areas for hydrogen usage include consumer electronics (such as smartphones and laptops) and drones. Using our solid-state energy storage solution an improvement in device lifetime (5 times) and weight (half) is possible over traditional lithium-ion technology. In terms of drones, flight times will increase from 20 mins to 3 hours with a larger payload, enabling them to break into new markets.

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