Providing power to Hospitals and other Essential Amenities

Large parts of the world don't have access to a reliable electricity grid making basic tasks very difficult. From providing lighting, clean water and powering household electronic or business machinery it has a direct influence of livelihoods. Some families spend up to 40% of earned income on electricity bills and energy poverty is a serious global issue. The only alternative is expensive polluting hazardous diesel using unreliable diesel-gensets.

H2GO Power aims to provide a green, clean, cheap source of reliable electricity with our plug-and-play mobile container units. Pairing these up with existing renewables allow for round-the-clock electricity. These units can cover the energy requirements of a large hospital building providing the power for refrigerators holding vaccines, surgical equipment and ward lighting. We plan to extend these units to provide power to local communities of 200 homes as well as smaller units for remote clinics.

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