Are hydrogen fuel cells better for self-driving cars?

At H2Go Power we spend a lot of time getting our own technology right. We’re busy making sure it’s the best it can be.

Part of this process is thinking about how people might use our hydrogen system and about what other technology is coming in the future.

We’ve drawn a lot of attention to cars and drones for example. The move away from fossil fuels is only one aspect of the future. Automation, self-driving, self-piloting, and artificial intelligence are also on the way.

Computers use a lot of energy, especially ones which need to perform complicated tasks like driving a car on public road.

Hydrogen fuel cells may be the best choice to provide that power. They’re cleaner for computers e.g. server farms and provide more energy than lithium ion batteries e.g. for long distance air travel.

The Korean car company, Hyundai, certainly seems to think hydrogen fuel cells are a good option for self-driving cars.

Let’s see! There’s still a lot of work to do on both hydrogen fuel cells and self-driving cars.