Technical Members

Ben Alper

BEN ALPER — Design Engineer

Ben is experienced in mechanical engineering and solidworks CAD design for the rail industry and for the manufacturing of scientific equipment for chemical engineering. His academic background includes degrees in Computing, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology and Physics. He has previously designed the hardware for a Cambridge University materials spin-out company which led to them securing their first customer and raising finance.

Kieran O'Donnell

KIERAN O'DONNELL — Process Engineer

Kieran is currently completing his MSc at University College London in Chemical Process Engineering with his research disseration focussed on managing the water in membrane fuel cells with a hope to help increase their performance. Prior to this, he spent over four years in the oil and gas industry where he was involved in a wide range of challenges, ranging from very large construction projects, to new builds, to R&D, to small inspection, repair and maintenance projects.