Honda to begin production on new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in 2016

Honda has high hopes for fuel cell vehicles Earlier this year, Honda unveiled its new fuel cell vehicle concept, which managed to attract a great deal of attention and praise. The Japanese automaker was among the very first in the world to release a vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell: The Honda FCX Clarity. While this vehicle is only available for lease and is in limited supply, it has managed to expose people to the capabilities of fuel cell vehicles. Honda believes that these vehicles will become more prominent in the coming years. read more

7 ways to bring clean energy mainstream

I love a good listicle. This is a pretty good summary of policies that have proven to affect real growth in clean energy technologies. The one with the most potential is large, stationary, and cheap battery technology. While H2GO Power competes with batteries in the portable power market (and fuel cells are a great alternative to the low energy density issues with lithium-ions), I'm a broad supporter of cheap batteries' ability to help modulate renewable variability on a large scale for stationary sources like buildings. Go CleanTech!   read more

Fuel Cells for Drones

With the popularity for micro-drones booming across all sorts of applications from everyday consumers to event reporting to security to logistics (the list goes on), you can see why some experts have valued the market at an estimated $5 billion-plus by 2020. Very few drones offer more than 20 minutes battery life, so to achieve more than 3 hours flight time is no easy feat. As fuel cell systems become more developed and cheaper, the drone market is seen as a promising area for deployment as problems over battery life, currently a major consumer pain point, can be immediately overcome. read more