San Francisco to start running a hydrogen-powered ferry

This blog is always happy to share news of new hydrogen-powered transportation.

The California Air Resources Board is allocating $3m funding for a hydrogen fuel passenger ferry in the bay area. The project will cost a total of $5.5m.

The new ferry will be called the “Water-Go-Round”.

San Francisco seems to be welcoming – it has a particular problem with maritime pollution. The new ferry will help show a way forward for tackling that problem.

Hydrogen is a good choice for a new ferry – its route won’t be limited by a battery capacity, it won’t have to spend a lot of time docked to recharge, and it won’t be susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

The Water-Go-Round will also provide a valuable research opportunity. If it is a success it will be a model for the role out of more hydrogen ships and perhaps even help boost a wider hydrogen infrastructure for vehicles and energy storage.

Construction on the Water-Go-Round is planned for next year.