Hydrogen to roll out across California

Today in California there are around 3,000 hydrogen powered vehicles on the road, and 31 refuelling stations, all concentrated around Los Angeles, Orange County, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is set to change rapidly.

The California state government itself will be investing $20m per year in boosting hydrogen refuelling stations. The California Energy Commission aims to have 100 by 2020. The California Fuel Cell Partnership, a public and private collaboration, is also working on a strategy.

They estimate that it would cost $225m to build 100 stations by 2024, but intend to build between 500 and 1000 stations across California. It is estimated that 100 stations would mean that approximately half of all drivers would be within 10 minutes drive of a station.

For comparison, California has approximately 9000 fossil fuel stations, with 20% of them servicing 50% of the state’s refuelling needs.

Public sector support seems to be encouraging for private sector initiatives. News also broke recently that FuelCell Energy and Toyota will install a hydrogen fuel cell power plant at the port in Long Beach in California. It will be a source of hydrogen for Toyota vehicles.

From one side of the Pacific to the other, it seems like hydrogen is getting popular!