Hydrogen better for larger vehicles?

The adoption of electric cars with lithium ion batteries seems to be increasing very quickly. Anecdotally, I’ve started to notice more Teslas on the streets of London. I’m told that it has become normal to build parking in new apartment blocks with recharging outlets.

For larger vehicles in the green/renewable revolution, it seems that the story might be different. Larger vehicles might need more power, and this could be better provided with hydrogen.

Toyota, which of course led the way in electric powered cars with the Prius, is now experimenting with hydrogen for larger vehicles, specifically with trucking in mind.

Trucks may be considerably less cool than Tesla sports cars, but larger vehicles in transport and delivery are a much greater source of pollutants and use much more energy. Seriously reducing their carbon emissions is a very high priority.

And if that wasn’t unglamorous enough for you, be very excited for the imminent roll out of hydrogen powered garbage trucks in Europe. E-Trucks Europe will be putting 100 of them to work by 2020, with the first one hitting the road in summer 2018.

For information about the world’s first hydrogen powered train read more here in our previous blog post.