World's first hydrogen train to enter service in Germany

The “hydrail” train will run on the Buxtehude-Bremervörde-Bremerhaven-Cuxhaven line in Lower Saxony, starting in December 2017.

The train uses a hydrogen fuel tank, stored on its roof, which powers a fuel cell to provide electricity.

The train has been developed by French company Alstom, following in the steps of the East Japan Rail Company’s first test of a rail car in 2006, and the first hydrogen tram in China in 2015.

Cars, trams, and now trains – which vehicle is next for hydrogenisation? I hope it’s the hovercraft.

The hydrogen train operates using a hydrogen fuel tank, stored on the roof of the train, that in turn powers a fuel cell to produce electrical energy. This technology provides a new environmentally friendly alternative to the diesel trains that are still used across much of Germany.