Electricity-Generating Windows Could Turn Skyscrapers into Solar Farms

The future of solar power generation may look even more different than you might imagine.

US-based company SolarWindow is developing technology that will create solar-panel windows, specifically "transparent electricity-generating veneers".

In the US, 40% of electricity is consumed by skyscrapers and SolarView estimates that they can help to cut the cost of skyscraper electricity consumption by up to 50%.

Elon Musk plans to introduce solar roofs - so it seems between the two companies, entire buildings will become giant solar power generators.

SolarWindow's technology initially starts by applying liquid coatings at ambient temperatures - so perhaps there's no limit to the shape of the future's solar panels.

Perhaps we should coat wind turbines for double green bonus points...

The company is looking at tapping the skyscraper market, which consumes 40% of the electricity generated in the US. The company asserts that its technology could cut energy expenditures of the 5 million tall towers in the US by 50%, and supposedly provide 50-times greater energy than rooftop solar.