Oil-rich Norway could become Europe's 'green battery'

Norway is famous for its oil and natural gas production, and the vast wealth that is has afforded the Norwegian people, but also for its natural landscape, its fjords, mountains and valleys.

The landscape lends itself to hydro-dams, and it is proposed that Europe make use of these for vast energy storage.

Norway already exports hydro power to the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland, with similar plans to extend this to the UK and Germany, and takes wind power from Denmark in return for hydro power when the wind doesn't blow.

The idea may be more limited than implied, however, Norway only has so much capacity and many Norwegians are concerned about the impact on the countryside of building extra infrastructure.

The country’s mountains, lakes and rivers could eventually be turned into something like a giant battery — storing power generated by wind farms and solar cells elsewhere in Europe, then sending electricity back when renewable output slumps.