New Electrical Energy Storage Material shows its Power Nanomaterial Combines Attributes of both Batteries and Supercapacitors

Northwestern University chemist, William Dechtel, and his research team have developed a new material which could increase the charging rate of batteries.

The material can store a large amount of energy like a battery and charge and dispense energy quickly like a supercapacitor.

The team have combined a covalent organic framework (COF) with another very conductive material to create the first "modified redox-active COF".

The team have built a coin cell prototype that can power a diode for 30 seconds, to demonstrate the material's capacity.

“COFs are beautiful structures with a lot of promise, but their conductivity is limited,” Dichtel said. “That’s the problem we are addressing here. By modifying them -- by adding the attribute they lack -- we can start to use COFs in a practical way.”