It's not just "Us vs Them"

I'm struck by the simple narrative (especially in the US) that energy folks are either business-friendly fossil-fuel supporters, or liberal tree-hugging hippies. Climate change and the energy industry is more nuanced than that. Michael Liebrich does a great job in this column of succinctly describing the incredible transformation the energy field is undergoing, and why it's an exciting time to be in that business.

The struggle between those seeking to transform the energy sector and those defending the status quo is simplistically depicted as being all about climate change: one side wants to deal with it, one side wants to keep making money. More nuanced analysis juxtaposes the enormous co-benefits of clean energy, such as improved air quality, local jobs, technological breakthroughs and economic resilience, with the colossal externality costs of fossil fuels, in terms of impacts on public health, costs of defence, exposure to commodity prices and so on.